Dr.Prashant Sathe

Dr.Prashant Sathe

Dr. Prashant Sathe , M.S. , is a skillful Surgeon with over 30 years of experience in variety of clinical settings. In past 13 years, he has been an advisor to several Green field and Brown field hospitals, Financial institutes, Medical Education institutes advising stakeholders as Planner and Advisor in areas of Hospital and institutional strategic planning, Design advisories ,Process designs and Techno economic Feasibility of projects. As an astute academician with over 26 years of experience in teaching he has vast contributions to Development of E learning content, medical curriculum innovations and Medical academic university responsibilities.

He has advised Healthcare informatics companies in extending the technology virtues in clinical settings.

Dr. Sathe is also a certified NABH assessor. He is founder director of AHA and Sarathy Advisory and thrives to provide the best of expertise to stakeholders in entire gamut of healthcare arena.

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