Role of hospital owners while executing brand promise campaigns and brand delivery challenges of healthcare institutions, a healthcare consulting perspective.

Consider the tag lines of some of the leading hospitals in India – “Touching lives”, “Life’s on”, “Every life matter”
These short set of words represent the vision and mission of the business to the customers; the first impression that conveys the promise an organization wants to make. It helps the organization to position their brand in the industry and tell people who they are and what they stand for. Any long-term looking organizations need strong brand positioning. Specialists of brand strategy and healthcare consulting confirms that, it is a must to have a clear brand strategy that will provide them uniqueness, competitiveness and that guarantees greater value in the healthcare landscape.

It is critical to differentiate your organization from competitors and position it within today’s changing market. In healthcare too, an organization’s image can be very influential. It has the potential to attract more patients and funding, which in turn could be the difference between success and failure. The identity and brand recognition can also direct the behavior of employees and help attract top talent.

Aligning brand promise with patient experience:

As business models evolve, the way hospitals brand themselves must evolve as well. However, it is not enough to just have a branding strategy in place. The actual patient experience must fulfill on that promise. The management, staff, physicians and employees of the hospital should make sure to align brand strategy with business strategy; to balance investments in technology, people and infrastructure with an investment in brand.

Successful branding must encapsulate the entire healthcare organization, its people, actions and activities. For branding to play a pivotal role in the company, it has to have a strong support from the CEO and corporate management.

As part of our study on healthcare consulting, India, Africa and GCC, & meeting with more than 50 leaders across the region, we have found that the healthcare leaders must focus on following points –

• Consistently invest in building a brand that will distinguish you. Branding should not be a one-off session but a truly integrated part of the boardroom strategy. A strong brand is instantly recognizable, is comprised of the messaging and visual elements, and connects with people.

• The top management also becomes highly visible representatives of the brand. It is imperative to invest in developing top leaders that not only understand the strategic charter of the brand but also enable the brands’ further development and growth.

• As hospital owners, you have to inculcate a strong internal brand culture. For your brand identity to truly be effective, the brand values, mission, and expectations must be internally ingrained within your brand culture.

• Communicate healthcare branding strategy and values through every single touch-point of your organization. Make sure your brand is clearly understood, believed and delivered by owners and staff of the practice.

• An essential element of a successful brand strategy is the collaboration of your internal stakeholders. Your physicians, staff, and other team members are on the front line of healthcare delivery. Hospital owners should make sure that the staff understands how their behavior contributes to delivering on the brand promise.

Healthcare has changed over the past few years. Like other industries, it has become consumer-driven. What patients think of you before they know you is as crucial as their experience with the service you provide. Hence, the development of your healthcare brand and branding campaigns are highly important and dynamic exercises. Stay relevant and visible by doing it right, backed by consistent performance.

By following well defined branding strategies, companies can strategically navigate brand delivery challenges and drive successful business impact. As part of our healthcare consulting, India, Africa and GCC, team at Sarathy advisory have expertise in branding and positioning of healthcare organizations, services and products. The team helps top management in aligning brand strategy with business strategy, so that organizations discover opportunities for growth and competitive positioning.

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