Aligning people performance with mission and vision. A healthcare consulting perspective

Everyone in an organization wants to do right thing and succeed. However even the best performance needs to aligned with the mission and vision. The actions of senior managers, physicians and other staff are guided by the mission, vision and core values of the organization. These statements serve to communicate purpose and direction the organization aspires to follow to employees, customers, vendors and other stakeholders. So, we need to check every now and then, is the complete staff of your organization abreast of the mission and values defined by the top management? As per our team’s study on healthcare consulting, India, Africa and GCC study , the answer, more often than not, is no. Organizations therefore need to plan and provide training to their staff in order to bridge this gap.

The success of a healthcare organization is based on the performance of its employees. While the core of a medical organization is patient care and outcomes, it is the staff who spearhead everything from medical excellence, top class housekeeping to smooth & swift billing. Your staff is also on the front line, interacting with patients and families. Hence, it is imperative that healthcare organizations routinely pursue staff performance improvement initiatives to improve clinical outcomes, patient experiences and reduce organizational costs.

Healthcare Consulting perspective: Performance improvement programs begin by uncovering response of patients on various parameters that reflects on the quality of the services provided to the patient. This will help in identifying priorities for improvement efforts.

The patient response should check various staff performance indicators in various areas including –
• Communication with clinicians
• Responsiveness and courteousness of hospital staff
• Cleanliness and housekeeping of the hospital environment
• Diagnostics and Pain management
• Communication about treatment and medicines
• Nursing and treatment
• Billing and Discharge information

Healthcare organizations and healthcare systems can improve outcomes if they identify their highest-performing practices and make those practices the standards across the board. Sarathy Advisory as part of healthcare consulting, India, Africa and GCC provides performance improvement measures for staff in a healthcare organization should include

• Technical improvement programs – This include continuous improvement of doctors, physicians, supporting staff in their work-related skill set. They should be given training to improve their skills, increase knowledge about their work and become aware of their future roles and responsibilities. For e.g., it is essential that all staff members including front and back employees have EHR and technology training so that they learn the functionalities of the software program most relevant to their job. Or training on proper patient handling equipment use and about the benefits of safe patient handling.

• Soft skills improvement measures – With the patient-centered care in the current health care systems, the focus has shifted to enhancing the patient experience. It is important for your staff to develop certain additional skills like communication skills, team work, decision making and management skills, interpersonal skills, etc. This will include positive patient interaction, informing patient/families about care, guidance and query handling and professional conduct. Increasingly, patients rank characteristics such as empathy and communication as top drivers of a satisfactory hospital experience.

In healthcare, the ultimate aim is safe patient care that centers around best practices. When staff members are trained in best ways to give that care, there is a high impact on the productivity, employee morale and patient satisfaction. At Sarathy advisory as part of healthcare consulting, India, Africa and GCC, we aid the healthcare organizations with assessing workforce needs and recommend improvements in performance augmenting programs designed to enhance outcomes and efficiency.

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