Affordable Healthcare Basics – A Financial perspective

1. Preamble

Whether you are planning a new diagnostic centre, doing an exercise for pricing of tests or purchasing new lab equipment, you must do a realistic assessment of what you can realistically offer your patients.  We offer such Healthcare Advisory.

An important component of a cost -effective diagnostic centre is assuring that you have “right-sized” your test menus and equipment to provide quality service in an economical manner.

Here, is where we need to “right-size?” the operations.

When your equipment and test menu range create staffing issues or work overload, and expiration of unused reagents/chemicals/kits happen or when quality control, calibration and downtime maintenance requirements interfere with productivity ….you’ve got problems relating to right-size of operations.

Having a laboratory with excess capacity and operating requirements can first drain vital resources and ultimately bankrupt a diagnostic practice.

In today’s scenario when income from laboratory testing is constantly under pressure, right-sizing your lab means better financial health; optimal resource utilization, and ultimately, better quality service for your valued patients. Hence, a clear need for Healthcare Consulting or Management Consulting in Healthcare. As part of healthcare consulting, India, Africa and GCC a study is done and following are the key observations.

2. Test Total Cost Components

a. Direct Material Costs

Reagents and Chemicals

Consumables like Collection needles, tubes/bottles, Gloves

Quality control material

Calibrator material

Report paper, printing and envelope  & bag costs

b. Direct Labour Costs

Laboratory Staff costs


Registered Medical Doctors – Pathologist/Radiologist

c. Other Overheads

Electricity and water

Administrative staff costs

Management staff costs

Service contracts – AMC/CMC

Patient registration software cost

Premise/facility cost

External Quality Assessment

Instrument amortization over useful life

3. Test MatrixTest Matrix

4. Test Matrix – Cost Features

A typical test in each matrix would have cost components as under:


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