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Sarathy Advisory: A Quick Overview

Sarathy Advisory is a 360 DEG knowledge powerhouse in healthcare Provider & Education Space, with our Professional network of experts providing the knowledge and skill sets required to succeed in this competitive landscape. We work with Stake holders like Chairperson / Board Members / Promoters / Owners of the healthcare Provider, Teaching, Technology or Service companies, and Startup Entrepreneurs, by supporting them in delivering exemplary care-related services through operational and strategic guidance.

With more than 120 Person years of combined experience across all verticals within the healthcare industry, the expert panel of Sarathy Advisory is indeed the knowledge catalyst in healthcare. Our team includes a healthy panel of well-experienced doctors across multiple specializations, management professionals, chartered accountants, healthcare IT professionals, senior advocates, and organizational design professionals, with years of expertise in managing healthcare-related responsibilities.

This core team of professionals has supported more than 50 healthcare organizations from across India, South East Asia, Middle East & Africa to overcome operational, financial, resource-related, and other strategic challenges to meet their goals. Our goal is to support our customers in delivering affordable, accessible, and high-quality care to the society.

Sarathy Advisory’s Philosophy

In Indian mythology a Sarathy is the charioteer of brave warriors in the battlefield and plays critical role of being the supreme confidante, the self-reliant navigator, a shrewd strategist, and essentially the eyes, ears, and brain of the warriors and their horses. Based on this philosophy, Sarathy Advisory would be the Sarathy for the chairperson, board members, promoters , or owners of healthcare providers, teaching institutes, technology or service companies, and startups by providing them with a 360- degree knowledge and experience-based support in achieving their dreams or addressing their challenges of stability or growth in their business ecosystem.

The healthcare landscape is not short of a battleground, whether you are a critical stakeholder of a hospital, a medical education institute, a or a healthcare technology or service company. With today’s care ecosystem getting more connected, disruptive, and complicated, you need a Sarathy who can show you the way toward your visions and goals.

We are the Sarathy of the healthcare ecosystem, and we leverage our decades of expertise and experience to help you with all the answers you’re looking for, frank opinions, timely warnings, and strategic directions. We learned from our mistakes but we’re sure that you’ll learn from our pointers

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Our values

Respect, Integrity, Equality, and Responsibility

The four core values of respect, integrity, equality, and responsibility define our advisory team’s work approach. Our stakeholders are accountable for the decisions we take for our clients and we strictly abide by these four pillars of values at all times.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We understand our clients’ concerns about privacy and confidentiality of the information they share with us and our first priority is to ensure that all the data we receive as part of our interactions with our clients are treated with utmost respect and secrecy.

Zero Dependence

Our Advisory panel will never create a permanent sense of dependency with our clients or of our clients with us. Our clients will be encouraged to take their decisions independently based on the inputs we provide and we will be associated with our clients only for as long as our contract requires.

Zero Conflict of Interests

We will make the best of efforts at every stage of our internal interactions and as part of our work with our client to avoid any conflict of interest. However, in an unavoidable instance, we will make the best of efforts to mitigate any such conflicts in the most professional and unbiased manner.

Our Vision

Engage with healthcare service providers, educational institutes, and healthcare technology companies as a knowledge catalyst, recommending solutions to enable accessible, affordable, and quality healthcare.

Our Value Proposition

Providing 360-degrees of healthcare knowledge by embedding with the board, chairperson, owners, or promoters and leveraging our combined 120+ years of multi-geography work experience, with zero compromise of our principles and values.

Our Differentiators – The difference we make to our clients

Delivering the Entire Gamut of Specialization

Sarathy Advisory has the capability of delivering 360-degree capability in enabling healthcare delivery, business strategies, skill set building, process improvements, operational efficiencies, and knowledge sharing, thanks to its extensive advisory panel composed of experienced doctors, management professionals, chartered accountants, healthcare IT professionals, advocates, and many more experts.

Global Healthcare Delivery Experience

Our advisory panel has gained many decades of professional experience working with and setting up entrepreneurial healthcare initiatives across the India, South East Asia, Middle East & Africa. This global experience has empowered Sarathy Advisory to provide its services across geographies, delivering state-of-the art and futuristic solutions across the care landscape.

Focus on Accessibility to Care

Our focus is not just on supporting the business delivery aspects of healthcare, but also on ensuring that healthcare is easily accessible to everyone. We achieve this objective right from the grass roots, by working with students and professionals, all the way up to the top management level.

Flexibility of Engagement

We do not have one rigid model of engagement, since the challenges that every care stakeholder faces is unique. Hence, our embedded models, suited for the Hospitals, Medical Education Institutes , Startup entrepreneurial initiatives, and on-demand models, focusing on overcoming specific road blocks, deliver the much-needed flexibility in our engagement approach.

Empowering Independent Decision-Making

We consciously stay away from creating the web of complete dependence on us, because our intention is to empower our customers with the knowledge and skill sets required to take independent decisions. Hence our approach is to deliver the know-how, monitor our client’s understanding, and intervene to ensure accurate learning.

Structured Approach

While our engagement approach is not rigid, we do work in a structured format, by setting protocols at the introductory stage, assessing engagement, assigning experts, building engagement strategies and milestones, defining outcomes, and recording performance. This structured approach helps us deliver consistently every time.

Engagement Approach

Sarathy Advisory engages with our client through two distinct approaches:

1. Embed with the client’s board,Chairperson, Owners or Promoters as a Sarathy for a long term association

2. Advisory On Demand

Embedded Service

Sarathy Advisors is a 360-degree knowledge repository in the healthcare provider space, with professionals from across domains having 120+ person years of experience in the industry. The objective of embedded service is to provide a single window of high expertise and an effective knowledge repository to the Chairperson, board,promoters or owners at an fair price. Embedded service from SARATHY ADVISORY can act as a bouncing board for the advice seeker on matters of business challenges.

Embedded service is thus a long-term and tighter engagement, wherein the board or promoters can tap into the single-window knowledge bank across all domains of business such as business concept to launch, strategy assessments and recommendations, organization diagnostics and restructuring, business process reengineering (clinical, administration, and management), hospital and college design and services master plans, financial and capital structuring, legal and regulatory compliance, etc. Embedded services are effective for brown field (existing) and green field (new) hospitals and medical education institutes, as well as healthcare technology companies and startups.

Benefits to Customers

  1. 360 DEG, Single Window Knowledge Repository of Experienced & Trusted Professionals.
  2. Long Term EMBEDDED relationship with the Chairperson or Board or Promoter.
  3. Avoid search for specific Knowledge base during Challenging or scaling times.
  4. Business Growth, Stability or addressing challenges requires an ecosystem where there is continuous Knowledge Exchange with a trusted and knowledge colleague. Embed Service provides such an ecosystem by being a reliable, trust worthy, Ethical & Unbiased Sound Board for the Chairperson or Board or Promoter by being a Friend / Philosopher / Guide / Advisor.
  5. The four core values of respect, integrity, equality, and responsibility define our advisory team’s work approach. Our stakeholders are accountable for the decisions we take for our clients and we strictly abide by these four pillars of values always.
  6. Zero Compromise on Principles & Values.



Advisory On Demand

Advisory On Demand is an issue-based or need-based association wherein our expert intervention is sought to solve a specific problem or need. For example, strategy assessments and recommendations, organization diagnostics and restructuring, business clinical process (devise integration strategies), process reengineering (clinical, administration, and management), hospital and college design and services master plans, financial and capital structuring, legal and regulatory compliance, handholding to raise funds, training or workshops to deliver specific skill sets to management, staff, or students, and resolving internal conflicts. In each of these cases, the interaction will be limited to the specific identified need and a specific expert team of advisories will be coordinating with the organization’s board or management team.

Benefits to Customers

360-degree, single-window experienced and high-end knowledge repository.

  1. Building customized operational models based on their trust objectives
  2. Creating precise business plans with phased funding inflow and controlled capex and opex
  3. Drawing comprehensive shareholding agreements and sound business planning
  4. Creating professional business plans on a long-term perspective focusing on critical business objectives
  5. Achieving business optimizations through facility, services, and business process interventions
  6. Delivering strategic advisory to scale up healthcare business through focused interventions, innovations, and governance models
  7. Providing comprehensive medical college advisory from concept development to phased project implementation in compliance with regulatory requirements for long-term sustainability
  8. Providing focused medical college advisory for specific goals such as cost center specialty additions or equipment or technology adoptions for enhance revenue propositions and project advancement.
  9. Determining probability of risk through SWOT analysis and recommending effective mitigation mechanisms for long-term sustainability
  10. Offering a comprehensive advisory model to help ventures asses their AS-IS status and recommend adequate corrections across all functions to align each functionality with the organizational vision
  11. Supporting educational institutions create an awareness of career and entrepreneurial healthcare opportunities among students and practicing professionals.



How Does it Work?

Click on the “Download Information Deck Button” in the Advisory or Mentoring Services Page to download the deck. Please do fill it up diligently.  The filled Information Deck needs to be mailed to confidential@sarathyadvisory.com. Our team of senior advisors will review the information deck & draft a provisional report, The provisional report is send out to the provided stakeholder with our understanding and suggestions with a request for a on-phone chat with our senior advisors. The information deck and provisional report will be the basis of our discussion.

Alternatively, you can also request for a Call Back . Please do click on “Request a call back” for an appointment.

Please do click on “Request a call back” for an appointment. our Senior Partner from our panel will connect with you by phone or through email to take the discussion forward

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