Work Approach

Approach – How We Work with Our Clients

Sarathy Advisory understands the benefits of empowering every stakeholder of the healthcare landscape, from green field (New) and brown field (Existing) hospitals to medical educational institutions and healthcare technology companies.

Sarathy Advisory’s aim is to help our stakeholders resolve the hurdles and overcome the road blocks that come in the way of any successful digital transformation, business strategy implementations, or long-term sustainability goals in the care landscape. Our first step toward this initiative was to bring together the best of talents and experts across every specialization in the care landscape – from clinical care and technology to business and finance. We then collate our knowledge pool and create value propositions for each set of healthcare stakeholders from hospitals to the healthcare project finance units of financial institutions.

When every client approaches us, we first understand the purpose of their inquiry – is it problem resolution or goal-based solutions. We then determine the ideal duration and nature of engagement and map the ideal expert team with the perfect-fit capabilities who will work in close association with the team to deliver on expectations. After determining the requirement, understanding the current challenges, and researching all available solutions, we draw a comprehensive road map of our association with our client, with definite milestones and outcomes indicating desired changes at critical stages of our engagement. This road map forms a critical reference point across all stages of our interaction with our client.

Our 50+ successful engagements with our customers across geographies and healthcare stakeholders is proof of our successful approach.

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Engagement Approach

Our panel of experts at Sarathy Advisory includes competencies in capital structuring; ICT; legal; structural design and asset; strategy and organization design; finance, certification, and funding; business process engineering; clinical knowledge; and medical education and content expertise. Sarathy Advisory engages with our client through two core approaches:
1. Embed with the client’s board or management as a Sarathy for long-term associations
2. Advisory On Demand

Embedded Service

Sarathy Advisors is a 360-degree knowledge repository in the healthcare provider space, with professionals from across domains having 120+ person years of experience in the industry. The objective of embedded service is to provide a single window of high expertise and an effective knowledge repository to the Chairperson, board,promoters or owners at an fair price. Embedded service from SARATHY ADVISORY can act as a bouncing board for the advice seeker on matters of business challenges.

Benefits to Customers

  1. 360 DEG, Single Window Knowledge Repository of Experienced & Trusted Professionals.
  2. Long Term EMBEDDED relationship with the Chairperson or Board or Promoter.
  3. Avoid search for specific Knowledge base during Challenging or scaling times.
  4. Business Growth, Stability or addressing challenges requires an ecosystem where there is continuous Knowledge Exchange with a trusted and knowledge colleague. Embed Service provides such an ecosystem by being a reliable, trust worthy, Ethical & Unbiased Sound Board for the Chairperson or Board or Promoter by being a Friend / Philosopher / Guide / Advisor.
  5. The four core values of respect, integrity, equality, and responsibility define our advisory team’s work approach. Our stakeholders are accountable for the decisions we take for our clients and we strictly abide by these four pillars of values always.
  6. Zero Compromise on Principles & Values.

Advisory On Demand

Advisory On Demand is an issue-based or need-based association wherein our expert intervention is sought to solve a specific problem or need. For example, strategy assessments and recommendations, organization diagnostics and restructuring, business clinical process (devise integration strategies), process reengineering (clinical, administration, and management), hospital and college design and services master plans, financial and capital structuring, legal and regulatory compliance, handholding to raise funds, training or workshops to deliver specific skill sets to management, staff, or students, and resolving internal conflicts. In each of these cases, the interaction will be limited to the specific identified need and a specific expert team of advisories will be coordinating with the organization’s board or management team.

Benefits to Customers

360 DEG, Single Window Experienced & High-End Knowledge Repository.

  1. Building customized operational models based on their trust objectives
  2. Creating precise business plans with phased funding inflow and controlled capex and opex
  3. Drawing comprehensive shareholding agreements and sound business planning
  4. Creating professional business plans on a long-term perspective focusing on critical business objectives
  5. Achieving business optimizations through facility, services, and business process interventions
  6. Delivering strategic advisory to scale up healthcare business through focused interventions, innovations, and governance models
  7. Providing comprehensive medical college advisory from concept development to phased project implementation in compliance with regulatory requirements for long-term sustainability
  8. Providing focused medical college advisory for specific goals such as cost center specialty additions or equipment or technology adoptions for enhance revenue propositions and project advancement.
  9. Determining probability of risk through SWOT analysis and recommending effective mitigation mechanisms for long-term sustainability
  10. Offering a comprehensive advisory model to help ventures asses their AS-IS status and recommend adequate corrections across all functions to align each functionality with the organizational vision
  11. Supporting educational institutions create an awareness of career and entrepreneurial healthcare opportunities among students and practicing professionals.

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Our team of senior advisors will review the information deck, prepare a provisional report, and send it out to you with our understanding and suggestions. After sending across the document, one of our senior advisors will speak to you after confirming the appointment date and time. The information deck and provisional report will be the basis of our discussion.

The process to connect with us is simple. Just fill up the following form or send us a request for appointment and our expert from our advisory panel will connect with you by phone or through email to take the discussion forward.

Explore how Sarathy Advisory can support you in your healthcare initiative

Our Differentiators – The difference we make to our clients

Delivering the Entire Gamut of Specialization

Sarathy Advisory has the capability of delivering 360-degree capability in enabling healthcare delivery, business strategies, skill set building, process improvements, operational efficiencies, and knowledge sharing, thanks to its extensive advisory panel composed of experienced doctors, management professionals, chartered accountants, healthcare IT professionals, advocates, and many more experts.

Global Healthcare Delivery Experience

Our advisory panel has gained many decades of professional experience working with and setting up entrepreneurial healthcare initiatives across the India, South East Asia, Middle East & Africa. This global experience has empowered Sarathy Advisory to provide its services across geographies, delivering state-of-the art and futuristic solutions across the care landscape.

Focus on Accessibility to Care

Our focus is not just on supporting the business delivery aspects of healthcare, but also on ensuring that healthcare is easily accessible to everyone. We achieve this objective right from the grass roots, by working with students and professionals, all the way up to the top management level.

Flexibility of Engagement

We do not have one rigid model of engagement, since the challenges that every care stakeholder faces is unique. Hence, our embedded models, suited for the Hospitals, Medical Education Institutes , Startup entrepreneurial initiatives, and on-demand models, focusing on overcoming specific road blocks, deliver the much-needed flexibility in our engagement approach.

Empowering Independent Decision-Making

We consciously stay away from creating the web of complete dependence on us, because our intention is to empower our customers with the knowledge and skill sets required to take independent decisions. Hence our approach is to deliver the know-how, monitor our client’s understanding, and intervene to ensure accurate learning.

Structured Approach

While our engagement approach is not rigid, we do work in a structured format, by setting protocols at the introductory stage, assessing engagement, assigning experts, building engagement strategies and milestones, defining outcomes, and recording performance. This structured approach helps us deliver consistently every time.

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